My deal

Business student by training, Rails dev by practice. Smart, fun guy to work with.

For best results, combine me with:
Equal parts purpose, people, learning, travel

Count on me for: solving problems, learning quickly, business smarts, and insisting on simplictiy. Not: reinventing algorithms and regurgitating CS vocabulary.


2012 Created orderly, an rspec matcher gem for asserting this.appears_before(that) in a request spec.

2012 Created and taught App Development for Entrepreneurs, a Ruby on Rails seminar to make business students developer-friendly.

2011-12 Hosting #bolinlunch, a weekly lunch where students from Babson and Olin learn the art of communicating between business people and engineers.

2010 Designed an app for Boston bicycle commuters to get to work more efficiently, avoiding and reporting obstructions along the way, following an IDEO-based user oriented collaborative design process.

2010 Saving students from the everlasting “my favorite class is full” problem. Classtrack watches your favorite classes and emails you when there’s a spot. Taught myself Ruby and Rails along the way.

2009 Founded Be The Change, a national forum for students to create social change on their campuses by pitching, and taking immediate action.


2011-present Developing Ruby on Rails applications at LaunchWare. I practice test-driven development, dream about abstractions, and like to stay DRY.

2010-11 Built trust with customers to probe for their needs, build the best solution, and change lives with technology as an Apple Retail Specialist. Achieved 100% Net Promoter Score.

2009 Voted mid-semester as CEO to recover a team of 16 students stuck in idea phase through successful procurement, advertisement, and sale of 400 flash drive lanyards at PromoteU.


2011 Flew 57,576 miles, to 17 locations across 8 countries, for a total of 74 days on the road in 13 months. - Kayak

Destinations include: New York, San Francisco, Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Sydney, Manila, Shanghai, Boulder, Chicago, Buffalo, Newport Beach, Honolulu, Washington DC, Montevideo, Buenos Aires


2012 Graduated Summa Cum Laude from Babson College

2011 Studied abroad at Hong Kong Baptist University

2010 Studied user oriented design at Olin College

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