7 Reasons Why I Blog and Why You Should Too

If you’re wondering whether I’m making these up as I go along - yes. I definitely am. But watch them turn out to be pretty good.

The definitive list of reasons:

  1. Because people sometimes ask “so who are you” - a question that is difficult to rephrase accurately, and equally difficult to answer. There’s too much to say (hope this helps), and
  2. I’m terrible at reflecting. I recently started keeping a life log because otherwise I forget what I’ve done recently and how I’ve felt, and that’s good to know. And some of that stuff is bloggable.
  3. Because it’s one of those things that I say I’m going to do some day. And like most of those other things, I haven’t started because… I haven’t started. So here I am, starting (again).
  4. I write this post because hopefully writing a post like this will cause me to actually continue.
  5. Blog post != blog. (!= is programmer for NOT equal) I mean that in the “I should write more than one post” way and moreso in the STOP CALLING A BLOG POST A “BLOG”. As in, “I’m gonna write a new blog tonight.” You’re doing it wrong.
  6. I am such a scatterbrain, but I think it makes for better writing, not better alone-thinking.
  7. I’m extraverted, yet I’m a programmer and spend a lot of time alone. Even if no one reads this, it’s almost like I’m talking to real people. Right? There you have it, the 7 reasons that I’m blogging. Because everyone likes a top 7 list. Some of them were even good enough to get bold letters.

Update: Switiching to an unordered list, because otherwise what good would the title be?

  • Mountain Lion will have Siri dictation built in. And this gives me something to talk to my computer at length about. And just like that, #7 got a little more true. And my life got a little more <>.

Why you should too

Because it makes for a far more engaging title. I’m about as likely to read your blog as you are to come back and read mine. But read the 7 things again and make a decision. Posterous takes 3.5 seconds to set up. You have no exucse to do it later. Or you could spend the whole week designing your blog to post once. It’s up to you. I’ve haven’t done that in the past, especially not 7 times. (Stupid wordpress.)