Physical Skills: Learning to Juggle

Here’s what I’ve learned:

  • there’s only so much you can do in a day before you hit diminishing returns, then zero returns, then negative returns
  • quit while you still have the motivation to continue tomorrow
  • the most drastic progress is made by sleeping
  • publishing videos to twitter helps with motivation
  • if you’re super stuck on a step, going to the next one might help bring some perspective
  • if you do that, make sure you go back and perfect the last step, or you’ll never be good at the next
  • keep rewatching the video; listen to the man when he says “there’s no rush.” - every time you succeed stop and think before starting again
  • you can only train muscle memory by repeating the correct movements. this requires a lot of purposeful thinking during the early stages
  • it’s amazing how much time you can spend repeating the wrong motions. it will literally add up to hours in what you could have done in minutes if you stopped to think
  • this is the most determined i’ve felt in a while. it’s relatively easy to stick with such a simple thing. yet it’s complex enough to require sustained effort
  • it will take until the end of the week to juggle, not 48 hours

Here’s what I’m assuming:

  • it would be much easier for people with hand eye coordination. if you can shoot a basketball, you’re probably more likely to toss a ball and have it land in your other hand
  • this will help me learn other hand/eye, coordination, pseudo-athletic, or useless skills faster later
  • pubishing videos of work in progress steps will help me not feel embarassed/ashamed when I have to live up to my word that I can juggle later
  • if there’s muscle memory for determination, i’m training it
  • there will be no direct extrinsic benefits to learning how to juggle. I should choose a more useful skill next time

Tweeted progress videos #noshame

What’s next

  • I still need to complete a backflip on a trampoline. the annoying thing there is that there aren’t many useful intermediary steps.

The resources: