In-flight Power Struggles (& Spanish Ftw)

somewhere over the eastern united states (in transit between new york and santiago):

on the plane i reached down to find power plug for laptop. no dice. usb port there tho.

plug phone into it. no dice. GREAT.

so i fish around for an hour while also eating airplane food.

and then finally ask flight attendant (whose english is dodgy). “yes it’s between the seats”

nope. it’s not. meanwhile people next to me are pretty much laughing. but they don’t speak english so they weren’t going to ask what i was doing… (i already failed their spanish test, they were talking to me and by the time i realized it the only thing i could do was awkwardly ignore them!)

eventually flight attendant gets on hands and knees and says “yeah it’s supposed to be right there. i don’t know why you have this thing” (usb) “sorry!”

and then, with hand gestures and a bit of spanish, i finally asked the people next to me to plug it into theirs.

2 minutes later, with old guy on hands and knees. “OK! bueno!”

macbook charger light GREEN.

hurray high school spanish.

oh and I remembered to use usted.